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Today we interviewed David and Alba, our animators.

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What characteristics should a child animator have?

You have to like children and become one of them. If you have fun, you get it and that is fundamental. You must also be patient and have some charisma. But above all enjoy with the kids.

What are your functions?

Our function is that the family enjoy their vacations and make these unforgettable.

How did you become animators for children?

It is not something to become is something that is born. We love our work.

How was your first day at work?

In our work every day is different so every day is our first day.

Tell us a funny anecdote you have had during this time.

One day we asked the children what their talent was and we got a big surprise when one of the girls in the group told us that she could not tell us her talent that she had to show it to us and that was it, we all looked at her and she suddenly made the sound Of a cock, we all stare. It was fun!.

Children are very naughty, is it easy to work with them?

Children are children, there are those who are more mischievous and there are fewer who need only know how to treat them and they will immediately surrender.

Of all the activities you do with children, which one do you find the most fun?

All are fun the truth is that we had a great time but especially the night of “Got Talent” in which the little ones show us what they are capable of.

Should we have a vocation to carry out this profession? What is it that fills you most?

This profession is clearly vocational, what fills us most is to see that both parents and children are enjoying their days with us.

What do you like most about your work? And what less?

What we like most is the treatment not only with the children but also with the potatoes and what is less clear is to say goodbye to the families when they finish their vacations.

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