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We interviewed Sandra, our event manager.

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  • Tell us about your profession here at Pueblo Acantilado. How is the day-to-day of an event manager?

In the events department, everything starts with a call or an email requesting information, from that moment, everything starts.
The first questions, budgets, we arranged the appointment where we show our facilities and solve the first doubts.
From my point of view is the most pleasant department, since you do a little of everything: administration, management and billing, customer service, commercial actions, establish protocols of action between different departments, coordinate the event from the beginning to the end of same.
You are the voice of the customer from the moment the request arrives, your goal is to get the satisfaction of it.

  • What is people’s favorite event and why do you think about it?

For anyone, your event, sea of nature that sea is the most important, whether company or family. When you organize something that is responsible, that’s why for them it’s so important that everything goes well, the event also talks about them.

  • Which event do you like best and why?

To me, I especially like all events, in fact, what I like most about my job is that every day is different.

  • Do you have any big challenges in Pueblo Acantilado? What was it and how did you overcome it?

Each event is a new challenge that does not encourage us to continue working hard to achieve success. And this is achieved by working every day as a team.

  • What is the key to the event being a success?

That prepares you taking care of every detail, putting you in the skin of the client and always having an alternative plan to be able to successfully solve any unforeseen problems.

  • What do you like most about your work and Pueblo Acantilado in general?

From my work I like everything, I love being part of something that usually makes people happy and happy to do what I do.

  • How can you see the craziest event in Pueblo Acantilado? How do you imagine he already has something thought? You also organize weddings. True? Do you want to tell us the most romantic story that impressed you?

After so many weddings, you have not been able to choose me for anything in particular, but it is curious that after so many I continue to excite the looks exchanged by the bride and groom at the first moment together in the ceremony or the pride with which they look at their parents…

  • Finally, we want to know the secret of Pueblo Acantilado What attracts people, both traveler and host?

Pueblo Acantilado has a unique place and a team that watches over the success of the client’s event, without which our success is not possible.


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